Game Tweaks

Most of these game tweaks we are using are a part of Vanilla Tweaks. We did not create these ourself, they are free public downloads on their site for anyone to use.
You can also view these installed datapacks within the advancements menu.
Mob Griefing
Anti-Creeper, and Anti-Ghast, Anti-Enderman

All other mob griefing will work, this includes withers and villagers!
Mob Drops
Shulkers will always drop 2 shells when killed.

Enderdragon will have a chance to drop an Elytra and/or an Egg.

Players will drop their head when killed by another player.

Mobs have a chance to drop their head when killed by a player.
When you die, you no longer drop all your stuff on the ground. Instead it gets put into a grave.

A message in chat will also give you the coordinates of the location of the grave.

To collect the contents again just hold shift and right click. It will only be able to be collected by you, no other player can claim it.
Coords HUD
Shows the coordinates, which way you are facing, and the minecraft time in 24 hour format above your tool bar.

/trigger ch_toggle
Wandering Block Traders
Wandering traders will now trade small blocks (block heads) so you can add more details to builds.

They still have their normal trades as well!
Fast Leaf Decay
No more waiting for pesky leaves to decay.
Nether Portal Changes
You can make any shape or size nether portal. You can even use crying obsidian in the frame if you want.

Note: there is still a minimum size, at least 6 blocks of "portal" per portal.
Scarier Phantoms
If you thought normal phantoms were tough, here is another reason to sleep.

Phantoms scale to be larger the longer you dont sleep! They get very large and hurt much more!
Boomier Creepers
While they do not damage blocks they still can hurt you, just a little more colorfully.