2022 Announcements!

Vanilla 1.19.1 - 29 - July - 2022

After waiting for part two of the caves and cliffs update we have update to the Wild Update. The warden awaits you.

We have added the last world to the world downloads page if you would like to download the last map.

Blue Map is still up, however, we have cut the size in half so hopefully it loads a bit faster.

2021 Announcements!

Vanilla 1.18 - 04 - December - 2021

We are back in vanilla! The caves & cliffs update has completed and we have updated the world!

We have added the modded world to the world downloads incase you wanted to finish something or just have the world to see builds.

Blue Map is back! Check out the new and improved map. You may need to mess with some settings if it lags your computer.

Modded - 04 - September - 2021

New modpack has been added to the server since the caves and cliffs update was split into 2 parts. Check the Modded page for more details!

News & Modded - 27 - March - 2021

Hello! As you may have noticed we have been down for a little while now. The hosting company we used had a major fire and our server (of course) was one of the many that were completely destroyed. Unfortunately, we also made the mistake of not pulling recent backups down from the server so we only have an older copy of the world. We will not be making this mistake moving forward, each week we will pull down a new backup locally so at most we will lose a week of progress instead of months.

Since we do not see the point of hosting the old copy of the map, making a new map for a couple months, or hosting the unready snapshots, we have decided that we are going to be hosting a mod pack on the server until 1.17 releases. There is a new page that tells you the information and links you need to get connected.

2020 Announcements!

Updated to 1.16.4! - 28 - November - 2020

Hello, we have updated to 1.16.4! Make sure to update your client.

We also added some new datapacks to the server nothing too big, but they are added to the Game Tweaks' page.

We have found a new map renderer that is lighter weight, will auto update, and track player locations while online!

A big shoutout to BlueMap to have such an easy to use tool that is light weight enough, to thank him we've even donated since this saves so much time for us!
The top right has the world drop down and night toggle. If you click on the 3 lines you get a few other options to tweak depending on your computer.
This map has a lot of camera controlling and looks way better than what we had. You can get really cool screenshots of your builds or show people while not being online!

World Downloads! - 7 - July - 2020

Time for some nostalgia! Remember how much time you spent on your builds that were "lost" when the map updated? Well be sad no more! We were able to dig up some maps from years past all the way back to 1.8!
Check out the new downloads page above, and take a trip back in time! There are some extra worlds available as well.

Starting now, retired maps will popup on that page!

New Nether in 1.16! - 23 - June - 2020

Goodbye Pigmen, hello Piglin. That's right, The Nether Update has been released and we are updated!
The 1.15 world's nether has been reloaded to have all the new content in this new update. All overworld builds are as they were so you can continue where you left off!
Explore the new forests in the nether today!

Also other changes we are using now is keeping your inventory when you die, but also increasing the difficulty to Hard. So while it may seem nice to keep your stuff you may find enemies hitting you harder.

Bees in 1.15! - 5 - January - 2020

Starting off the new year with a switch back to vanilla. 1.15 to bee exact.
We re-added some of the datapacks back into the server, check the custom content page for more info!
Also maps have come back! Again re-renders will be every so often unless major changes have been done. Be sure to message BloodThursty if you want to add your home as a point of intrest!

2019 Announcements!

When is it up? - 11 - October - 2019

Instead of using twitch we are going to use the FTB launcher to hopefully make things easier. See this reddit thread for why AND at the end of the original post the links to download the launcher.

Once the launcher is installed change the settings to use 4 GB of RAM (so that the pack runs smoothly), and then you can download the pack by finding it near the top of the list or filtering the list to find it.

Voting Results! - 11 - October - 2019

Those votes rolled in alright!

The winner of the votes is FTB Academy!

Well kinda... There was actually a tie and to shorten up the time period we are not doing a secondary vote between the two.
Don't fret! The modpack is not just a tutorial all the way through, the quests are optional which are there to help people get introduced into some mods. Which leads us to the reason why this pack is the winner.
There are some of you that haven't done modded and or have done very little because you just dont know what you are doing. This pack hopefully will help you guys out in understanding the mods a little bit by having extra info in-game.
This means later down the road when we do other mod packs more people will be more willing to dive into them instead of just the same few.

We will go back to vanilla again in the future (for the Nether Update for sure), but we hope you give modded a try.

There will be another post when the server is up for playing and how to get things running.

Also some have you may have noticed that the discord names have changed a bit. We are going to try and keep names between the discord server and minecraft the same. This is to help new players know how someone is on discord as well as help us staff message the correct people when we need to.
If you change your minecraft name, the name in discord is incorrect, or if it is prefixed with zz, please feel free to reach out to BloodThursty on discord to get it resloved.

Your Vote Counts! - 28 - September - 2019

Let the votes roll in!

Vote [voting has ended] to decide what we do with the server! You have the choice of staying vanilla or one of the mod packs we checked out.
The deadline to voting is 11 October 2019 so get your votes in quick before you run out of time!

All mod packs were tested, and will run with 4 GB of RAM allocated and no java parameters were used.
All mod packs are on the twitch launcher.
The mod pack choices are:

Villager Market - 16 - June - 2019

The Villager market is now open!

Bring your eggs, diamonds, and emeralds! Villagers have come to spawn to sell their exotic goods. Check them out today!

Map Update - 20 - May - 2019

The world map has been updated!

Some settings were tweaked to make it look a little nicer. Also if you didnt notice, there is some check boxes at the upper right side of the screen. Check them out!

We listed some places that was easily spotted on the old map. If you want to have a community farm or your player home listed as a location, or removed please feel free to contact BloodThursty.

Lastly, you may have noticed the black chunks on the map. These are due to the saved minecraft lighting data which is currently broken in 1.14.1. Sorry if your location fell victim to the darkness.

New additions to Website - 6 - May - 2019

We recently had some server issues which some of you may have noticed.

Good news is everything is fine and back up and running! Even better news is we discovered we had extra space on the server.

So with some of the extra space we are trying out a world rendering tool to show off our world!

There are some bugs in it right now since it was recently updated for 1.14 and this may not be the final tool we decide on to render the world.

You should see the extra menu on the end of the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

We also added two new forms for convenience one for reporting problems and one for giving us suggestions.

These can be found on the FAQ and the General Info pages.

Let us know what you think, feedback is always welcome!

Server Updated to 1.14 - 23 - Apr - 2019

We have upgraded to 1.14! Currently Spigot is not updated so this means there will be no plugins working (No Shop, No Commands, etc.).
During this time we have switched over to being a whitelisted server, which means if you are not on the player list you will not be able to join the server. This is to prevent greifing from new players since we currently have little protection.

If you cannot connect and believe you should be able to, please message Agow on discord.

2018 Announcements!

Ender Portal Access - 31 - Jan - 2018

You can now use the ender portal at spawn... for a small one time fee of course.

You can always find the ender portal the normal way if you do not want to pay.

The ender portal is in the mountain across from the nether portal.

Good luck collecting your eggs!

2017 Announcements!

Website goes Live! - 28 - Dec - 2017

Today we bring in a nice change to Craft Studio, this website! This will house most if not all information that was in google documents and in the channels in discord! At this time the channels will still be active but the information will also show here. Take some time to explore!

Dragon Eggs - 26 - Dec - 2017

Now when you've defeated the dragon, a new dragon egg will spawn each time!

Leaf Decay - 09 - Dec - 2017

Small update, the plugin that deals with the instant decay of leaves was updated and it works on all trees now.

Insurance - 11 - Dec - 2017

Tired of rage quits?
Don't want to lose your beloved golden pickaxe?

No more rage-quits! If you've got the coin.

Now available in the market: Individual item insurance and Life Insurance!

If you insure your item and you die, it'll appear in a safety deposit box after you respawn!

If you buy life insurance, it'll save you from death once!

Market / Villager update - 04 - Dec - 2017

Now the market has more things to sell, including horses, cows, chicken and llama's and some unique items too! Check it out at the /market.

Also, villagers should be able to plant crops now and all that stuff. :)