We are a Minecraft Server, sometimes we have mod packs, datapacks, or plugins. We aim to have a friendly and mature community.
The server is whitelisted, which means you need to apply to be able to connect.

To become a member please click here to fill out your application!

Currently we are modded. Check the Modded tab for more information.

We also have a snapshot server at vanilla.craftstudio.co.

News & Modded - 27 - March - 2021

Hello! As you may have noticed we have been down for a little while now. The hosting company we used had a major fire and our server (of course) was one of the many that were completely destroyed. Unfortunately, we also made the mistake of not pulling recent backups down from the server so we only have an older copy of the world. We will not be making this mistake moving forward, each week we will pull down a new backup locally so at most we will lose a week of progress instead of months.

Since we do not see the point of hosting the old copy of the map, making a new map for a couple months, or hosting the unready snapshots, we have decided that we are going to be hosting a mod pack on the server until 1.17 releases. There is a new page that tells you the information and links you need to get connected.

If you would like to instead or also checkout the new snapshots, Pr_Mission has been kind enough to host a secondary snapshot server. you can use the ip vanilla.craftstudio.co to connect and play!