We are a Minecraft Server, sometimes we have mod packs, datapacks, or plugins. We aim to have a friendly and mature community.
The server is whitelisted, which means you need to apply to be able to connect.

To become a member please click here to fill out your application!

Currently we are Vanilla 1.16.4.

Updated to 1.16.4! - 28 - November - 2020

Hello, we have updated to 1.16.4! Make sure to update your client.

We also added some new datapacks to the server nothing too big, but they are added to the Game Tweaks' page.

We have found a new map renderer that is lighter weight, will auto update, and track player locations while online!

A big shoutout to BlueMap to have such an easy to use tool that is light weight enough, to thank him we've even donated since this saves so much time for us!
The top right has the world drop down and night toggle. If you click on the 3 lines you get a few other options to tweak depending on your computer.
This map has a lot of camera controlling and looks way better than what we had. You can get really cool screenshots of your builds or show people while not being online!